Why have I set up this page?

I’ve set up this page so I have somewhere online to host and keep track of my writing.

Around a year ago I started contributing to That’s China, Hangzhou. In addition, during this time, I’ve also had work published by That’s Online (Shanghai).

In the increasingly and unnervingly dim and distant past, during roughly a decade spent living and working in Leeds in the UK, I was a regular gig reviewer for the now sadly extinct Sandman Magazine.

In fact, during this period, a lot of my time was spent writing, be it simply for fun, in my professional role as a Reporting Analyst for Orange or, later, when I was responsible for editing and publishing two different web-based newsletters for Voluntary Action Leeds, an organisation for which I was employed as both Volunteer Centre Coordinator and Environment Forum Communications Worker.

My work at Volunteer Centre Leeds once led to the BBC asking me to provide content for their website regarding my thoughts on the voluntary sector. This wasn’t my first contribution to BBC output. My other main passion is writing, recording and performing music and this has meant playing live on BBC radio and being interviewed, be it as a solo artist or in my old band The Smokestacks. I also for a period devoted myself to interviewing and recording both local and national acts for the BBC.

But there’s already enough Internet set aside for people to ignore my musical output. Let’s reserve this as a place for people to instead ignore my writing 🙂


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